Radolfzell on Lake Constance

Where Bishop Radolf founded the inner sanctum "Cella Ratoldi" in the year 826 is now the cathedral and city landmark, boasting the highest church tower on Lake Constance. 

Blick auf Radolfzell am Bodensee
Wochenmarkt Radolfzell
Münsterblick Richtung Mettnau
Blick auf Obertor, Münsterturm und Stadtgarten
Hausherrenfest Mooser Wasserprozession
Seestraße in Radolfzell
Fahrradfahrer am Jahr100Bau in Radolfzell
Fassaden-Figur Schmidtengasse
Blick auf Radolfzell

Explore Radolfzell

Shortly after its founding, Radolfzell developed from a modest fishing and wine growing settlement into a popular pilgrimage destination within southern Germany. Pilgrims came to pay homage to the relics of Saints Theopont, Senesius and Zeno that Bishop Radolf brought to Lake Constance — these traditions are still practiced today.

Radolfzell was granted a charter in 1267 prompting the initial boom of the small market town. Rail connections made it the most important industrial centre on the Untersee. Walking around today, each step is a journey through time that combines old fishing village charm with a unique industrial past.

Wasserprozession beim Hausherrenfest