The Bodanrück ridge is an ice-age relic with breathtaking views of Radolfzell, Lake Constance and the Alps on clear days. An elevation distance of 300 metres makes the Bodanrück area (east of town) ideal for easy to intermediate hikes. 

Take your pick from "Radolfzell Circuits" (Radolfzeller Runden) or the "Lake Way" (SeeGang) as well as an extensive and well-marked network of hiking trails. 

Wanderer auf der Mindelsee-Runde
Familie beim Wandern auf der Bodanrück-Runde
Herbstspaziergang auf dem Bodanrück

Radolfzeller Rounds

There are 5 circular hiking routes that make up the Radolfzell Circuit “Runden,”  including a shorter family friendly walk. These different circuits (of varying difficulty) connect the Bodanrück region around Radolfzell, connecting beautiful look-outs and protected areas with the villages of Markelfingen, Möggingen, Güttingen and Liggeringen. A reliable, well-marked signage system leads hikers and walkers easily back to their original starting point.

"Premium" Hiking Trail SeeGang

The Lake Way hiking trail (SeeGang) leads from Constance via Langenrain, Liggeringen, Bodman-Ludwigshafen and Sipplingen to Überlingen. Called premium since it was awarded the "German Hiking Seal for Premium Hiking Trails". On the 50+ km route, you will enjoy breathtaking views, fairytale forest paths, historical castle ruins, mysterious gorges, flowering orchards and Mediterranean riverside promenades.

The “SeeGang” is a trail that can be walked in stages or in a star shape. Connect to various points along the route using local trains, boats and busses.

Guided Walks

Explore the beautiful landscape around Radolfzell with know ledge able hiking guides. The easy and moderate hiking circuits take approxi mately 3 hours. A stop is always scheduled along the way.

Tours take place every saturday all year round from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm (in exceptional cases the hikes start before 1:00 pm, please check here).
Tickets: Tourist-Information Radolfzell
Adults 7.– € , Children up to 14 years free